36 Manual Rolls

Postcards of unwritten backs for placement.
Motionless and feeling melted.
Conversations remembered through various voice tones.
Hands through arms and fingers held tight, So nice….
Why do good things end?
Where do new lives begin?
Beautiful faces holding on tight… squeeze!
Am I?
Maybe trying to let go completely.
Smiles that feed me.
Bodies so full and healthy from wanted touch.
Thouse curves and sounds.
I need them and feel them every minute.
Gloves of warmth she is to me.
Not so sure of how feelings make me.
What do I feel for this soul.
Oceans divide more moments and coffee.
She has my works on her canvas.
I long for certian paint.
So easy to blend.
Color by number, One by one, It’s right.
I miss her touch, that striped hat and those views she takes…
Use my lense…
Open my shutter…
Push my button..
Bring extra film!

Monty Montgomery Copyright 2003