Melted roads of flat lands that merge strange thoughts.
Something sending them into fields that can only be seen in one instant.
Depth and seclusion which create unbelievable passion.
Yellow has never been this warm……
Feeding veins that lead something somewhere to nowhere.
Floating at consistent pace above me you are.
Supporting my wonder, nesteled in your arms with no mention.
As often as you choose…
You allow me to see through to the other side…
What is this feeling of rock solid walls?
So little for so far yet so much……………….
Open in ways that no one else seems to understand.
This is all overwhelming……
8835 is your height as your possessions are of no measure.
One crazy, technical cowboy you are….
Purples and tones which compare to souls of our darkest insecurity..
Most power subsides deep within the farthest point of one’s reachable self.
Patterns of green will uplift this memory of simple exsistence.
Is this overwhelming?
Maybe exactly what should be adored…
Could this be what’s on the other side of every mountain?
It could be what’s tumbling this moment at your feet……
Though limits change and paths circle back, the sound of the water continues to set the pace..
I am still overwhelmed…………

Monty Montgomery Copyright 2005