You Shoulda

Missing pieces of puzzles that are not yet pictured or cut apart.
People and souls that are left to forget.
New subjects of no good reason are built.
Did you ever mail that person?
Who makes you feel as if you are blessed?
Did you ever call the people that you so cared about?
A simple emotion or two.
Hugs from friends…. Smiles…..
So easy to fill that constant need for affection.
I long for it and I hope you do as well.
If you don’t and you think that you never did…….
You shoulda…..
You shoulda done so many things in the years past.
All those voices trying to tell you.
Why didn’t we listen?
Views of tightness and surrendered dreams.
We did it all to ourselves.
I know you hear me.
We scare ourselves with visions on the ceiling above our warm beds.
I’m not scared of the monster under there anymore.
I’m scared of the folks in front of me every day.
I feel for their silence and controlled direction.
Monsters are everywhere.
Did you ever take the time to look around?
You shoulda….
Next time bring your flashlight…


Monty Montgomery Copyright 2002