Past Exhibit with Cannibal Flower at SYRUP in Los Angeles, Ca.

Ahhhhhh Yea! Another get down with the Cannibal Flower crew in L.A. I had a painting in the group exhibit at Syrup which is located at 939 Maple Ave. near Olympic 3rd Floor Los Angeles, Ca. 90015  The Exhibit opened at 9pm and rolled till 1 in the morning… The Featured Artist was Michael Christy and the group exhibition will included art by:
David Cooley, Gustavo Rimada, Nate Seubert, Crystal Sylver, Kelly Berg, Syliva Lizzaraga, Douglas Alvarez, Paul Torres, Monty Montgomery, Win Wallace, Nicole Bruckman, JoKa, Cody Lusby, Terri Berman, Eric Staniford, Laura Diamond, John P. Wales, Andrea Iakovidis, Thea Saks, Greg Yoshitake, Lizzy Lane, Chuck U. Farly, Brian Nieman, Tarikh Brown, Kristy Sandoval, Kasim Patton, Alejandro Navia, Nick Whitmire, Katherine Narducci, Julia Rauda, Frank Forte, David Mesina, Booleep, Greg Hardin, Donna Letterese, Phil Santos, Eban Lehrer, Veronica Marshall, Christopher Willingham, Bob Kent, Gustavo Munoz, Diana Kohne, Sergio D. Robleto, Ivan Vega, Angela Morticia, John P. Wales, Donna Abbate, and more.


Live Music
Bishop V. Spy

Live Performance
Tonya Kay