Multiple Choice

Work of Art statement: What true reality? I often wonder what reality is and play with different emotions surrounding it. Overall, I get five different emotions that are represented within the faces on this piece.. Confusion, Happiness, Nothingness, Sadness, and it makes me sick.. The hand points to this feeling because it’s the one I feel the most. the bright pink and blue stars represent all the people out there that put all the focus on there look. The watch, clothes, fancy cars and wealth. I think it stinks that these people are often looked up to when they amount to nothing on the inside. Feel the stars, See, you feel nothing. In life, the true stars are the folks that blend in, make a difference and follow paths that others may run from. They go with something called, the heart.. These people are represented by the blue stars that have texture yet don’t stand out visually but so much. Guess what though, you can feel what’s inside of them.. We all have to make our own decision on who we want to be. It’s your life, fill in your circle, you have multiple choices.