Artist Statement

My artwork reflects my understanding that each individual holds an important position in life that is complex and intertwined with emotion. Substantial Position represents a place in society where each individual is valued. This position, whether political, religious, or personal needs to be acknowledged and respected. Substantial Position is my viewpoint on society’s perceived knowledge and understanding for “different” or “diversity” in today’s world.

When I create a piece of artwork, I ask myself the following questions:

Are the colors and designs substantial to the piece?

Does the position of the colors affect the piece, or is it better to view the piece in black and white?

In Life, does color matter?

Are the titles of my work substantial to understanding the piece beyond the color and elements of design?

Do the titles provide a clearer understanding of my viewpoint?

Does my physical state add anything to the piece?

Now, if I tell you that I have a disability is that meaningful for you to know?

Art allows me to be expressive and bold. The medium i choose allows me speak more directly to an individual in lieu of other means of communication. In some of pieces, the viewer will see my understanding of life as being complex and intertwined with emotion. My other pieces reflect my frustration with society’s lack of knowledge, intolerance, and, in some cases, total neglect for those who are deemed “different.” I feel that we live in a society that does not see all individuals as leading substantial lives in our respective communities. Some people in today’s world believe individuals with disabilities or those who are diverse in other ways, such as myself should be nonexistent or unseen. When individuals take a first glance at me they focus on my wheelchair and speech and tend to forget that I have a Substantial Position in life, which is exhibited through my use of color and design in my art.

-jack brandt