Farmville the Magazine – “COMING TO LIFE – Mural transforms library” – Summer 2018 – Farmville, VA

Farmville the Magazine Feature / COMING TO LIFE – Mural transforms library
by: Emily Hollingsworth • Summer 2018
Pages 27-31

Featured Digital Article Link: COMING TO LIFE -Mural transforms library


Thanks to Farmville the Magazine and Emily Hollingsworth for the feature on the Nature series “Moment #44” mural at the Farmville, Virginia branch of the Central Virginia Regional Library. A special thanks to Rick Ewing and the entire Barbara Rose Johns Farmville-Prince Edward Community Library family for bringing this project to life! The Farmville Community Library is located at 1303 W. 3rd St. Farmville, VA 23901 (434) 392-6924.

Mural Project Video:

Farmville the Magazine :

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