“Brown Ballerinas For Change”

Montana Cans Aerosol and Golden Mural Paints Acrylic on Historic brick | 23′ x 14′ | 2020 / 2021 | The collaborative mural with Nico Cathcart in the Fan District of Richmond, Virginia on the corner of Main and Granby streets. The mural is inspired by the activism and power of the four young women who make up Brown Ballerinas for Change. The mural contains all four ballerinas unified together in a graceful jump with a sparrow in flight symbolizing renewal and change. We are all so thankful for the uplifting energy that Ava, Kennedy, Sophia, and Shania have gifted the country. The mission of B.B.F.C. is to help create advocacy, social justice, and to increase participation of underrepresented populations in ballet. Please visit the site at www.brownballerinasforchange.com and support B.B.F.C.

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