A little writing at sunrise on the shores of Virginia Beach, Virginia

“Another glorious day, the air as delicious to the lungs as nectar to the tongue.” -John Muir 1911

Virginia Beach Sunrise

Taking time to enjoy a few moments of writing along the shores of Virginia Beach, Virginia. It’s always an awesome feeling to come sit and take in these waters where I was raised. I think back through the years of my childhood and remember so many amazing moments with family and friends, it’s as if I never left. #‎johnmuir‬ ‪#‎nature‬ ‪#‎ocean‬ ‪#‎sunrise‬ ‪#‎virginiabeach‬ ‪#‎virginia‬ ‪#‎loveva‬ ‪#‎writing‬ ‪#‎everymomentchangeseverymoment‬