"The Nature Series" is constantly flowing in many new directions.

It’s always a great feeling to capture moments in your mind and turn them into a visual experience on a surface. “The Nature Series” which kicked off in early 2014 with “Visuals in the Park” has truly become my newest way of taking in nature’s landscapes and relaying them through color, shape, and geometry. Over the last couple years “The Nature Series”  has been constantly evolving in it’s own way and there are many new visions in the works. Nature has always been such an important part of my life and this journey of taking images from nature and turning them into moments such as “Moment #11” and “Moment #12” below, truly allows me to be in that certain moment and relay it to others. Here’s to many many more, “Moments” in Nature.


*View various “Nature Series” works in  “Gallery 2014/2015” on the site.