"Robots Will Kill" 15 Year Anniversary Exhibit at "My Plastic Heart" in NY, NY.

Thanks so much to Chris Chillemi for inviting me to be in this exhibit, the crew at “My Plastic Heart” for hosting the event, and to all of you who rolled out to the “Robots Will Kill 15 Year Anniversary Exhibit on Friday night in New York City! It was a heck of a get down! Very honored to be a part of the “RWK CREW” and to share that “Fractal #15” -SOLD- in preview & will be heading to a new home in Brooklyn, NY. Thank you to everyone for your continued support! The exhibit will be up for a month so cruise by and check out the show! My Plastic Heart is located at 210 Forsyth street NY, NY. *Purchasing LINK for the Exhibit. – http://www.myplasticheart.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc…

A few words from Chris Chillemi, the owner and creator of “Robots Will Kill”: The Robots Will Kill 15th anniversary show that became a block party. Oh with some live painting, pizza, raffles and good times. Where to start. First thank you to all of the amazing artists. Everyone’s pieces looked amazing and congrats to everyone because one of the only things I heard all night was how great the show looked. Thank you to EVERYONE who came out! I apologize if we didn’t get to speak but between painting the van, talking to people and the amazing time I got a little tied up. Pulling up and seeing a line of people 2 hours before the doors opened was incredibly humbling. Seeing so many people walk around with Robots Will Kill shirts was crazy. This reminds me, yes to everyone who was asking there will be new shirts and hoodies soon. Lots of stuff planned. Thank you to everyone who posted the flier and helped spread the word. One of the best things I heard was “there was no way to miss this, it was one of the most promoted things I’ve every seen on social media”. This means a lot to me. Thank you to everyone one who has supported me and @robotswillkill over the years. Whether it was stopping by the site, uploading pictures, buying something, coming to a show, telling friends etc etc etc. Thank you to everyone who came out early for the bags. Luckily we had great weather. And thank you to everyone who bought a tote bag and took part in the raffles. Thank you to all of the artists over the years who have supported. Again I’m sorry I couldn’t fit everyone in the show. For 20th we’ll rent an airplane hanger. Thank you @lassopizza for all the pizza. People loved it! Thank you to all of the artists who sent in stickers, buttons, paintings etc for the giveaways. Those bags were stuffed to the gills!!! Thank you so much to the guys at @myplasticheart for everything and for always supporting. By far one of the best places in New York. Thank you to my friends and family. You know why. Thank you @zeroproductivity for an awesome flier design. Thank you @rega_army for EVERYTHING!!! Thank you @herb_smith for pushing my artwork and help make RWK what it has become. -Chris Chillemi

Featured Artists:

ChrisRWK – @chrisrwk, KevRWK – @kevrwk, Veng – @herb_smith, Rega – @rega_army, Burn353 – @burn353, Jos-L – @joslart, Lou Pimentel – @loupimentel
Zero productivity – @zeroproductivity, Murrz – @_murrz, Ramiro Studios – @ramirostudios, Sean 9 lugo – @sean9lugo, Frank Ape – @frank_ape, Ekg – @ekglabs, Nite Owl – @naito_oru, Monty Montgomery – @montymontgomery, Sugar Fueled – @sugarfueled, Vers – @vers718, Magie serpica – @magieserpica, KaNO – @kanokid, Miss Zukie – @zukie_art, Peeta – @peeta_ead, Dril – @drilone, Demer, JesseRobot, Mike Die – @mikedie, Jpo – @jpoart, Duel – @d1nyc, KA – @ka_tvt, Over under – @ou35, Playful gorilla – @playfulgorilla, Weird eye one – @weird_eye_one, Downtimer – @downtimer, Flying Fortress @flyingfortress243, Abe Lincoln Jr – @abelincolnjr, Chris Rini – @chris_rini, Mike Graves – @mikeroane, Hendrik ECB Beikirch, Marthalicia – @marthalicia, K-Nor – @knorcrap, MCA – @mcaevildesign

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