Mike Maxwell’s BLOG – Hard Rock Hotel – San Diego, California – 2011

Mike Maxwell’s BLOG – Eighth Ply Deck exhibit – with “We Love Creativity” August 2011

Blog link: http://mikemaxwellart.wordpress.com/2011/08/08/8th-ply-the-hard-rock-and-the-emperors-new-clothes-jett-gallery/


Thanks to Mike for the mention in his blog. Check out “We Love Creativity” & the work of fellow artists for the “EIGHTH PLY” group skate deck get down at the Hard Rock Hotel and the “Emperors New Clothes” at JETT Gallery with NEKO, Adam, etc.  It was a great night with friends and exhibits all over Diego. The “8 PLY” exhibit will also take the stage at “MAGIC” Tradeshow in Las Vegas.