"ABSOLUT Artini" mural painting in Charlottesville, Va.

ABSOLUT Artini had nine area restaurants/bars participating by creating “arty” martinis (artinis) to be entered into a competition. For one month , with steady support from print ads and solid promotion of posters, table tents, and postcards, the restaurants/bars will highlight their artinis for patrons to taste and compare. Also, nine local, living artists will each create original artwork in the tradition of the ABSOLUT ads.The artists include: Russell U. Richards, Fleming Cunningham Lunsford, Sharon Shapiro, Charles Peale, Lisa Beane, Monty Montgomery, Michael Fitts, Steve Taylor, Sean Samohey. These will be used for the print campaign and each will become a limited edition postcard quality art “coaster.” The art coasters will be sold at the participating restaurants (one artwork per restaurant) as small art and be used as a raffle ticket to be entered into the drawing for a GRAND PRIZE. The intention is to create an infectious buzz in Charlottesville with people wanting to compare artinis and collect coasters. The party for 400-500 people was filled with artinis, food, fabulous décor, amazing entertainment, ground-breaking art and dancing all night to the best music today! Here’s a shot of the Mural that I did for the Event!!!

Artini Mural