The “KALEIDOSKULL” Exhibition opens tonight at Redefine Art Gallery in Orlando, Florida 6 – 10 pm

“KALEIDOSKULL Turtle” is one of the paintings completed with Tony Philippou for our upcoming “KALEIDOSKULL” exhibition of various collaborative and solo works at Redefine Art Gallery in Orlando, Florida. Tony and I have been bringing works to life over the past 7 months and we have also created a mural as well to be unveiled at the gallery. The exhibition will opens TONIGHT, Thursday, March 16, 2017 6 – 10pm. Redefine is located at 29 S. Orange Ave. Orlando FL 32801 on the corner of Orange and Pine Street, at the City Arts Factory Building in the heart of downtown Orlando. *View all of the works through  “Kaleidoskull Project” in “Portfolio” on this site.

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