Current “Warehouse Triptych” Mural in Historic Downtown Farmville, Virginia | Completed July 2014

The 90′ x 20′ “Triptych Warehouse Mural Project” in the Historic District of Downtown Farmville is complete. Thanks to Longwood President W. Taylor Reveley IV, Grant Avent, & Tim Pierson for bringing more *COLOR* to campus & the Longwood Media staff, Mary Jo Creaney Stockton, Billy Tucker, Matthew McWilliams, Kent Booty and many others for the current feature on the Longwood University website, which gives you google maps gps location of the “Tryptic Warehouse Mural Project”. To Marge Swayne for the upcoming feature and the Farmville Herald for the Cover Story To Pam Butler of Mainly Clay, Sally Thompson, Jimmy Johnson,  Charles Ross, Kerry Davis Mossler, & the entire “Farmville Downtown Partnership”, Cricket & Randy Edmonson for hosting me, Thomas Robinson & the Farmville Presbyterian Church for making this possible. To the Mayor David Whitus, the entire Farmville Town Council & the Town Manager Gerry Spates & his staff for all their help and support throughout the Project. To the people of Farmville for all of the support & to each & every individual involved in so many ways! It was an honor to be back creating in a town that I care so much about! Thank You All!


Monty Montgomery Art


Mural Video:

GPS Location of  the “Warehouse Tryptic Mural Project” in Downtown Farmville –,-78.392863&spn=0.18,0.3&cbll=37.303695,-78.392863&layer=c&panoid=6ZJuRYvsp-zGQ0akcLy6OA&cbp=,297.98,,0,2.0899963&output=classic&dg=ntvb

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