Artist Statement


As a child, I always seemed to look at color and shape with an intense confusion. I remember wondering why objects were the color or shape they appeared to be in that moment of comparison. Today, I still ask myself those same questions and seem to wonder even more. The only difference is, I realize that objects and colors can be developed in so many ways towards relaying an instant, emotional variable.

I rely completely on my visual and emotional sense, my honest reaction. I trust in my decision of giving a specific color to an object, which is neutral visually to me before that decision. This allows the viewer to journey upon experimental ideas of what might have been or truly could be through that moment of visual representation based on a certain color. Listening to the silence of a color allows me to break everything down, question the proper color of the object or situation, and apply my own reality to it so that all objects or shapes can be felt, individually and as a group through specific color and location choices.

My work is constantly based on making connections with my surroundings in nature and visually absorbing every point of attraction and emotion through various moments in public. I mold everyday situations into visual forms that express what I felt at that moment through energies, spontaneous actions, nature’s offerings, and very specific spoken words that I seem to hear a little differently. I enjoy the intensity and calmness within all types of people; even more so, that moment which brings true feelings to the surface. I often channel my energy through shape and color relationships that play a diverse role in relaying something complicated or very simple. I enjoy letting the viewer decide upon how the combinations make them feel.

I believe that in our cycle with time, there are so many amazing emotions that brush our path everyday. We must make the decision to try and comprehend each and every one in our own way through our own personal emotions and beliefs. I embrace dealing with these moments and will forever face them through my process of creating. I only hope my works will in some way enable you to journey into and through yours as well.

Alive through ART,

Monty Montgomery