Artist Statement


As a child, I always seemed to look at color and shape differently. I remember wondering why objects were the color or shape they appeared to be. Today, I still ask myself those same questions and seem to wonder even more. The only difference is, I realize that objects and colors can be developed in so many ways towards relaying an instant reaction. I rely completely on my visual and emotional sense, my honest feelings.

My work is constantly based on making connections with my surroundings and visually absorbing everything I am attracted to. I mold everyday situations into visual messages that express what I felt at that moment through energy, actions, and very specific spoken words. I enjoy the intensity and calmness within people; even more so, that moment which brings true feelings to the surface.

Exposure to divergent settings and combining urban sensory input with my impressions of the natural landscape has inspired a collision into one expression where I attempt through color, geometry and abstraction to share my journey while creating a unique geometric style.



Monty Montgomery