“Connected” Acrylic on canvas 11″ x 14″ x 1.5" *Original for sale *Contact Artist for pricing Work of Art statement: Done for “CAJA”, which is Spanish for “Box”. The exhibit is curated by Christopher Umana & Jennifer Mullins. Opening Reception will be on July 27, 2013 6-9pm and the Exhibit ran from July 20th through August 17th 2013. Throughout history, humans have been enthralled and intrigued by the box. It has been an object of curiosity even in its simplicity. Examples include: Pandora’s box, coffins, gifts to one another, used for shipping later to be converted into children’s imaginary castle or fort, treasure chests, Jewish Dibbuk boxes. However utilized, curiosity always gets the better of us and we must know what’s inside. 423 WEST Gallery 423 W. Venice Blvd. Los Angeles, California 90015 GALLERY HOURS: By appointment call 805.696.5687 *Featuring certified true creative talents of established and high caliber emerging artists in pop, baroque, contemporary urban fine art. www.423westgallery.bigcartel.com www.facebook.com/423WestGallery https://twitter.com/423West

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