Farmville Herald Newspaper – Cover Story – Farmville, Virginia – July 2014

Farmville Herald Newspaper Volume 123, NO. 69 July 18, 2014
“Mural, Mural On the wall, Who’s The fairest Triptych Of Them All”
Photo by Ken Woodley
Cover Story

Thanks to the Farmville Herald for the July 15, 2014 Cover Story on the “Warehouse Triptych Mural project” in historic downtown Farmville, Virginia.

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GPS Location of  the “Warehouse Triptych Mural Project” in Downtown Farmville –,-78.392863&spn=0.18,0.3&cbll=37.303695,-78.392863&layer=c&panoid=6ZJuRYvsp-zGQ0akcLy6OA&cbp=,297.98,,0,2.0899963&output=classic&dg=ntvb