Past exhibit at "THINKTANK" with Cannibal Flower in Downtown L.A. on August 27, 2011

I exhibited with Cannibal Flower on Saturday, August 27, 2011 from 9pm until 2am. This was the 11 Year Anniversary Exhibit for the Group and for sure was a get down!!!! THINKTANK is located at 939 Maple Ave. #200 Los Angeles, Ca.  **FACEBOOK INVITE**


$10 or $8 with a donation to the L.A. Food Bank or $6 in costume or walking art

Featured artist
Gustavo Rimada

Huge Group Art Show
Anthony Ausgang, Craig “Skibs” Barker, Dirty Fabulous, David Cooley, Cate Rangel, William Zdan, P-Jay Fidler, Andreanna Iakovidis, Catherine Kaleel, Mimi Yoon, Paul Torres, Delphia, Nicole Bruckman, Nate Seubert, Phil Santos, Steven Lopez, Michael Christy, Monty Montgomery, Douglas Alvarez, Ahhd, Jose Carabes, Eric Staniford, Rask Opticon, James Bentley, Christina Angelina, Crystal Sylver, Michael Pukac, Terri Berman, Pool Al, Stephen Williams, David Cooley, Michael Ramstead, Lauren Haggis, Bob Doucette, Greg Yoshitake, Michelle Cohen, Peter Adamyan, Nick Whitmire, Brian Whitmire, Lisa MoneyPenny, Cynthia Rogers..

Live Painting: Mimi Yoon, Michael Pukac, Stephen Williams, Christina Angelina.