Past Exhibit ✰Art Fist Collective Presents: My Little Art Show✰ on March 23, 2012 at Quality Social in San Diego.

What a get down!!! -✰Art Fist Collective Presents: My Little Art Show✰ The Exhibit was slammed and we raised the $$$$$$$$ to save the Mural!!!! Awww Yea!!!


Art Fist Collective proudly presented: My Little Art Show, a benefit to help the Save Our Heritage Organization’s efforts to save downtown’s Caliente racetrack mural showcasing original My Little Pony art by:

Bret Barrett, Sean Brannan, Zac Buddenberg, Randy Conner, Mauricio Couturier, Bd Dombrowsky, Jason Gould, Sarah Holbach, Pamela Jaeger, Heather Johnson, Kittyton, Bobbi Koller, Colin Mangold, Chris Martino, Gary McIntire, Monty Montgomery, Miguel Ortiz, Requiem, Mark Richmond, Brandon Roth, Pablo Stanley, Jona Téllez-Girón, Toygami, Eren Verdiguel & Eric Wixon

The Exhibit featured both authentic My Little Ponies (including some rare collector pieces) and bootleg ponies known as “fakies.” Sales helped SOHO pay for an independent historic report to determine the mural’s historic significance.