Turning Lane

Layers of time created by process.
Really festive moments and coldness on the way.
Local people moving at rates in total awareness.
Why just now?
Phone calls that bring courageous thought.
Believing that we can all be happy inside.
Doing something to bring it for everyone.
Opening a new unbelievable.
Knowing that someday we will all become one.
Plates of conversations and one big neighborhood.
Take me out, show me the ropes, give it to me.
My car wonít start not supposed to go  SIMPLE.
Canít you see.
Life has remote control.
Pause, rewind, fast forward a little.
Gray and mahogany are tones of straight substance.
Back to courageous thought, I think I will stay.
We often hide in someway everyday..
We often speak on memory alone.
No water is needed.
I think of those who matter so often.
Like top hats and quite individuals.
Worn with so much care and never saying a word.
So nice.   so comfortable.
Figure out that kiss and have tons of mercy.
What is there may not be and others will arrive soon.
The smell of mountains and taste of cheesecake.
So divine and full of flavor.
Totally orange and years of going somewhere.
Rotation seems to be constant and necessary.
Please have faith in what ís around the corner.
I promise you it ís there.
Use your signal.

Monty Montgomery  2002