The “Fractal #60” solid birch commissioned door is now installed in Charlottesville, Virginia.

The new “Fractal Series” door is now installed in the home of Pete and Beth Akey in Charlottesville, Virginia. “Fractal #60” is solid birch and was the first door that I have ever taken on. I wanted to allow the tones and patterns of the beautiful wood to come through while creating an interesting motion and energy that bounced around inside the shape. Specific color choices were dialed in with the client to insure a vibe to fit the interior of their abode. Here is a photo taken by Pete of “Fractal #60” installed with “Fractal #46” featured from their collection as well.

Work of Art statement: The “Fractal Series” is a series of works that are based on line, shape, energy, and color relationships. For commissions or more information please contact me through the “Contact” page on #montyart

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