Restless Definition

Napping, Don’t wake me.
Views from the roof. Am I falling?
Seeing that sign, just a vision or do I go really fast.
Pay that toll and for the car behind you.
Great sleep.  People on steps of faith.
Flip flops will do, kinda loud though.
Patterns on different blankets.
Do they talk? We all do, so do they.
You should listen to them!
Feelings of mountains with life under the covers.
Rolling down certain hills..
HOME.  Define, restless.
Do you sleep or think of sleeping?
Are you asleep right now, are you?  You might be.
Take your shoes and socks off.  Dreams are real.
You should have them while you’re awake.
The alarm, hear it.  Start a new day.
Wake up, never hit snooze!
Proceed with steps of small portion Like a t.v. dinner.
Listen to others and the faces you don’t see.
Love your family and bedtime stories.
Save your change along with words and sketches on napkins.
Swing in a playground.  Catch rain in your mouth.
Eat lots of grandmas jello.  Shhhhhhhhhhhhh.
Time to rest.. Defined.
Are you going to take a nap or go to sleep?
Rest a lot, sleep a little,  Sweet dreams.

Monty Montgomery 2004