Original works find new homes from the Left Coast to the Right Coast…

Super pumped for so many Original works to find amazing new homes on both sides of the USA.. One of my favorite recent stories is that I reconnected with my 7th grade Science teacher, “Ms. Cheryl Harris” over the Holidays and now I am super stoked to say that after years of not letting it go, I know now that “Into the City” has found the owner and HOME that I was being very specific to wait for after such a long time….into.the.cityIt’s so awesome when old friends, new friends, folks you’ve only met through the web, and even just on the street at events for the first time, come back around and into your career, to become a “COLLECTOR” and a part of your passion, a new part of your life, what a feeling!! I so APPRECIATE all of YOU!! Very recently, “Battle Alone”, “& What Why”,  “Wall Fly”, “Into the City”, “Airplane Mode”, “Take off”, “Honestly”, “White Sofa”, “Hot Date”, “Lipstick Buildings”, “Unwind”,  “High Octane”, “Humming”,  “2 Late”,  & all 8 of “The ORIGINAL HUB CAP Series” are hanging safely across the COUNTRY. THANK YOU, to all my Collectors and Supporters. YOU fuel me to continue every single day!!!!