neutral rainbow


small remembered moments between ears

those voices and messages that are heard, yet never listened to

reassuring smells of free confusion

certain words and motionless action

wrong turns instead of new ones

it’s pulling me through, taking while giving, shared

i’ve been here before, i’m coming down

that soundless sound

i am up and about often

am I here or nowhere

slightly crossed are my fingers

how shadows not only speak, they guide, you and me

i’m warmer now

i’m warmer than warm, yet chilly inside

random motions and mentions of belonging, the rain surely does

please don’t wake me

a neutral rainbow full of created paths

a rushing river, low on fuel

somehow, i recognize this place

the breeze flows through the window, movement arrives through her hair

delicate is this, fresh from the garden

calm, and then we advance into the light of medium scent

blinded by the visual

held while only wanting to be let go

let me out while I pull me in, again and again

a refreshing morning sun

i stand like a child

i hum a specific melody

i imagine

i just stand there

monty montgomery 2014