Just about halfway on the mural for Bloom Bash 2019 with the San Diego Museum of Art

Behind the scenes this week from Pacific Event Productions working on five of the forty four panels for the 176 ft. mural to be suspended from the roofline of Panama 66 during BLOOM BASH 2019 with the San Diego Museum of Art in Balboa Park for Art Alive 2019.

BLOOM BASH 2019 tickets are on sale at sdmart.org/artalive so grab your tickets before the event sells out! Details and links in “Exhibits” on montymontgomeryart.com

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Thank you to the SDMA Family and to the PEP Creative group for the continued support as the mural comes to life! *Completed images will be released after the opening party on April 12, 2019 7pm – 12am. Hope to see you there! Thanks to Sarah Grossman for the captures!

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