Getting **PUMPED** for Exhibit in L.A. with *COLOR INK BOOK* and LIVE Mural at *SLATE SHOW** in VEGAS!

Gonna be hitting the road on Friday to head to L.A. for the Color Ink Book’s, 4th annual group show “We’ve got Issues” Exhibit at the WWA gallery in Culver City, California.  Then on to Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas to do a 3 day “LIVE” mural with *KREASHUN* at SLATE SHOW!! Its gonna be an amazing week!! aww yea.. check the links below!!

wwaimagecolorinkbook copy–18th–Color-Ink-Book-4th-Annual–We-ve-Got-Issues—-PRISMA-Debut–Blood-.html?soid=1102126239240&aid=ueorNkUvVP4