Fresh new paint hitting the original Kreashun wall in the North Park neighborhood of San Diego, Ca.

In early 2014 @kreashun joined forces with @maxxmoses777 @gloriamuriel , @miguel_angel_godoy , @michaelamorillo , and other friends from @sandiego_ca & L.A. to bring the “North Park Mural Project” to life for the community. After a little @kreashun meeting this morning we decided that I would tackle the “North Park Mural Project” wall as a solo project for now, Kreashun will blast it again down the road. Over the next few days a fresh new vibe to the section of this continuing project will come to life.


Roll by @thestudiodoor located at 3750 30th Street in the heart of North Park San Diego, to check the progress & the fresh new look. #kreashun #artist #montymontgomery #jfeather #northpark #sandiego #mural #abstract #art