Back at it in the VA studio for a bit, Awwwww Yeah!

The “Authentic Flow” commission 24″ x 36″ x 2″ acrylic on canvas is complete. It felt so nice to get off the road for a bit and settle down in my newest studio space in Va. I reconditioned my drafting table from 2002 that I had stored, built some shelves, and hung photographs and images that I found from my Old Gallery on the Charlottesville, Va downtown Mall which completed the space for permanent creating on the East Coast!


Nothing like creating for the first time again on a table that you spent years on, years ago….. How the moments and memories return! So many more awesome times ahead now in this new space. Thankful.. #alivethroughart #movingforwardkeepingstill #everymomentchangeseverymoment