Arts & Activities – “make a FRESH start with ART” – September 2018 – San Diego, CA

Arts & Activities Feature / Multiple Lines and Making Murals
by: Don Masse • September 2018

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Thanks to Arts & Activities and Don Masse for the feature on the Zamorano mural project with many of his students. Arts & Activities Contributing Editor, Don Masse is a K-5 visual arts teacher at Zamorano Fine Arts Academy in San Diego, California. At the recent NAEA national convention, Don was named the 2018 Pacific Region Elementary Art Educator of the Year.

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Don Masse: “At Zamorano Fine Arts Academy, my curriculum focuses on living artists and one of the amazing things about doing so, is that we can interact with these artists digitally, and in some cases, in person. That has been the case with Monty Montgomery, who was kind enough to do an artist talk with 5th graders earlier in the year and who will be coming back to our school to create a mural with 1st and 5th grade students who created drawings inspired by his work!”

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