A JOURNEY that began so many years ago….

As I stand here on this beautiful Downtown Farmville morning I am overwhelmed by the thought that this artistic journey began over 20 years ago sitting in the library around the corner drawing my very first logo for Cilli Original Designs which I launched as a junior at Longwood University . As the sun reflects on the 90′ X 20′ “Warehouse Triptych Mural Project” which was completed in 2014, it’s truly hard to believe how quickly time passes. We must do the best we can to enjoy every moment and share them with all the amazing individuals along the way. Thanks to Randy Edmonson, my former painting instructor at Longwood University, Pam Butler of Mainly Clay , the entire Farmville Downtown Partnership, and the Town of Farmville, Virginia,! I am so honored to still be a part of this wonderful town. It will always be so important to me.

WTMP Full View 2016

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