Past "Disrobed" exhibit at Gallery 5 in Richmond, Va.

“Disrobed” at Gallery 5 in Richmond Va. was an amazing evening….. The show featured various artists from the Richmond area and all around. The Nude art exhibition brought a little flavor to your eyes and offered diverse visuals of human nature for you to absorb. I had four pieces in this show and look forward to working with Amanda Robinson and all associated with this event and beyond… Stop in and check out the spot…… Gallery5 provides an opportunity to exhibit an impressive array of works, with the space to house over 50 artists in one showing. This space showcases a different world of art, a place with an ever-changing soundtrack. Gallery5 encompasses what so many Richmond artists are looking for. “It is truly different: the art, the music, the whole feel.” Gallery 5 showcases the underground art of Richmond and the risqué work that intimidates. They want the dirty, the witty, the ever-changing, the respected, the disrespected, the opinionated, the diverse, the unwilling, the unintentional, and the beautiful work of Richmond.

Gallery 5