Becoming a member of the the East Coast Art Collective.

I am honored and excited to announce that I have been invited to join the East Coast Art Collective. A curated group of 19 talented US east coast artists joined together to share process insights and host studio sales.


A few words from Ann Marie Coolick the Founder/Curator of the East Coast Art Collective. “Introducing @eastcoastartcollective artist Monty Montgomery Art. Monty Montgomery is an abstract artist who was born and raised in Virginia and currently splits his time between San Diego and the east coast. “Listening to the silence of a color allows me to break everything down, question the proper color of the object or situation, and apply my own reality to it so that all objects or shapes can be felt, individually and as a group through specific color and location choices. My work is constantly based on making connections with my surroundings in nature and visually absorbing every point of attraction and emotion through various moments in public.” Monty is also part of the artistic duo KREASHUN who create colorful, dreamlike interior and exterior walls around the globe.” #eastcoastartcollective